We have several styles and sizes of Hand Woven Baskets to chose from. Each basket is signed and dated. There are several color options available including Red, Navy Blue, Maroon, Dark Green, Stonewash Blue, and Rose. Basket material is a natural plant material and the colors will vary sometimes. The baskets can be ordered with a brown stain or a natural stain (no color over the entire basket).




    The baskets pictured above are the Country Desk basket, large and small. This is a great basket for storing small phone books, note pads, pens and pencils. It can be used in your den or kitchen and will add a special country charm to your home.
Click on the picture above for more hand woven baskets. The pictures you will see show both the natural stain and the brown stain. You may also click on the basket name for photos or click on the pattern picture link to see choices of baskets.

001- BECKY'S SEWING BASKET  $95.00 - This is a three tier basket with a 10" round basket in the center and two pouches on each side of the center. This is a very popular basket and is used by many QUILTERS to store fabrics, patterns and notions. It can be used as well in your bath to store towels or in the kitchen to store chips and snacks for the kids lunches.                                   

002- BISCUIT BASKET  $25.00 - This is a simple basket with two hand carved bushel basket handles. It is also available without the handles for $23.00. It works very well for serving hot rolls and biscuits. Great for gift giving.                                                

003 -BOBBIE'S PATTERN BASKET  $35.00- This basket was designed for a customer to hold her sewing patterns. She found it works very well for storing her grandchildren's diapers as well. It has two hand carved bushel basket handles that can be placed on the short or long sides of the basket. The bottom of this basket is solid.                                                                                    

004 -BUTTONS AND BOWS  $15.00- A cute little basket accented with a beaded wire handle inserted. Works great for gifts.

005 -CJ'S BASKET  $42.00~A large basket with an open bottom. The sides flair out as you weave it. It has a reed handle that is great accent when wrapped in a triple braid. It is great for storing your favorite country magazines.                             

006 -COUNTRY APPLE BASKET  $48.00~ A large basket with recessed handles. It has a solid bottom and has a unique design woven with  seagrass for texture.  This is great for storing extra bath towels and accessories in a small bath.                                                                                                       

007- COUNTRY BISCUIT BASKET   $25.00~ This basket will serve enough biscuits for a family gathering. The base is woven as a Shaker Cat-head and the handles are carved from #10 reed spline.

008-COUNTRY BUCKET BASKET  $20.00 for the small~$30.00 for the large - This pattern has a large and a small version with it. Both are accented with hand carved swing handles. It is great for filling with bath soaps or handmade baked goods.                                                                                                           

009 -COUNTRY CANDLE  $15.00  -This is a small basket that can hang on the wall with a hand carved country candle handle. Fill it with dried flowers, candles or store your coupons in it.   

010 -COUNTRY CATCH-ALL BASKET   $35.00~- This basket has a solid bottom and uses a double bean pot wire handle. It works great as a catch all basket for your kitchen or den. Use it to store all you remotes.


011-COUNTRY LAUNDRY BASKET   $125.00- This is a very large round basket. The sides are woven with a heavy flat oval reed for texture and strength. Two rows of four rod whale are woven at the base as an edge for it to rest on. Perfect for storing grandma's quilts.                                                                                            

012 -COUNTRY LUNCH BOX    $28.00~ A very cute basket shaped like a purse. The shaker tape handles and row of weaving add an accent of color and make it easy to carry from work and home.

013 -COUNTRY KEEPSAKE BASKET  $30.00~ This basket is accented with a special weave that spirals around the basket sides.                                      

014 -COUNTRY MARKET   $30.00~ This pattern has two versions- a large and a smaller short market basket design. The base starts out as a square and ends as a round basket. It is accented with corner spokes in your color choice.                                                                                  

016-COUNTRY PORCH BASKET  $55.00~ This basket has a smaller version as well as a large version. The basket has a solid bottom and rest on four feet and can use a single swing handle for the small version or two swing handles for the larger basket. This basket works well for magazines.                

017-COUNTRY STORAGE BASKET  $30.00~ This medium size basket has many uses. It is accented with several rows of color and a pretty bow.                                                                       

019-CROSS STITCH TOTE  $48.00~ This basket pattern is accented by a cross-stitch design woven over the side weaving. It also has a triple braided wrapped handle.  A very unique and pretty basket.                                                     

020-DOOR KNOB BASKET  $28.00~ A unique shaped basket that can hang on a door knob or the wall. It is accented with a pottery tie-on of your choice.


021- FLAG BASKET $20.00~ This is a great wall basket. It is accented with a color overlay design woven on the basket to resemble a flag. There are 13 small stars painted in the center of the blue overlay.                                                                                                                                                                

024 -HONEY-DO BASKET $20.00 This is a shaker cat head basket woven with #2 round reed. It is accented by a small bean pot handle.                                                               

026- JACOB'S C. D. BASKET $22.00~ This is a great basket to store your favorite CD's in. It has the option of a square swing handle or two side handles and can be accented with a pottery tie-on of your choice.                                                  

027-JOAN'S BASKET  $35.00~ A great basket with many uses. It is woven around a strong swinging handle. Use it as a country accent in your home filled with dried flowers.                                             

028 -KANGAROO BASKET  $30.00~ This basket has a pouch woven in the front. Both the basket and the pouch have a solid bottom. Very unique shape and works well as a desk basket.  

029-KAREN'S COUNTRY STORAGE  $55.00- A large basket with a 12" round notched hand carved handle. You can choose to have this basket in an American version with small stars painted on the last two rows of weaving at the top of the basket. Use it to store magazines, books, blankets or kids toys.

030 -MANDY'S SEAGRASS BASKET   $30.00~ This basket is woven with seagrass and round reed, which adds texture to its unique shape. It is accent with a drilled swing handle.


031-MICKEY'S FRUIT BASKET  $32.00~ This basket has lots of color for a unique design. The spokes are alternating with natural and dyed reed. The sides also use the dyed weavers for a pretty design.                                                                                                   

032-PANTRY BASKET  $25.00~ This basket is woven over a sturdy  D handle and is accented with curls of color.                               

033-PAPER PLATE BASKET  $23.00~ A solid round reed bottom and short sides accented with a double bean pot handle make this a great basket for storing and serving your paper plates.               

034-PEANUT BASKET  $28.00~- Two baskets in one. One basket for your peanuts and one for the shells, but joined together. A great basket for gifts.                                                                                                 

035 -QUILTERS TOTE  $50.00~ A solid bottom basket with a unique shape. It is a great basket to carry your latest quilting or craft project to class. It is accented with a hand carved oak handle.                                                                                                              

036 -SEAGRASS BASKET  $28.00~A unique basket with the sides woven  in seagrass. It is accented with four feet and a box handle.  Very unique basket with lots of texture.  

037 -THE LITTLE GIFT BASKET  $18.00~ A cute little basket that will hold a box of tissues. It is accented with a pretty bow or a pottery piece.

038 -TOWEL BAR BASKET   $28.00 for the small and $32.00 for the large~  This basket is as useful as it is pretty. Use the basket for mail, flowers, coupons or what ever and hang your keys   from the shaker pegs.  It is accented with a pretty bow.                                  

039 -TULIP MAIL BASKET  $35.00~ This basket is accented with curls shaped like flowers or for a dramatic look an x design can be woven on the front. It works well as a wall basket or it will sit on your counter top for all your mail.   


040 -TULIP MARKET  $35.00~ This market basket is has a unique shaped handle is is perfect for mail, small magazines or bath accessories in a powder room.                    

041 -SMALL WILLIAMSBURG WALL BASKET  $15.00- This cute little wall basket is accented with a pretty bow.                                                 

042 -LARGE WILLIAMSBURG WALL BASKET  $32.00- This is a great basket for a front door or entry. It is flat and will hang nicely on a wall or a door. It is accented with a bow in a color to match the basket or a contrasting color.                                             

043- GRANDMA'S BLANKET BASKET  $55.00~ A very large sturdy basket that measures 14" x 14" and is 20" tall with the handle.  There are many designs you can weave on the sides of this basket. It is a great storage basket for warm blankets and country quilts.                                               

044- COUNTRY DESK BASKET   $28.00 for the small and $32.00 for the large~ This pattern has a large and a small version of this basket. It is a great basket for small phone books and pens and pencils fit nicely in the pouch.    

045- STAIR STEP BASKET   $75.00- A country favorite for any home. This basket is woven to fit on your stair steps. It has a closed bottom and a 10" round notched handle.  If you are tired of all those trips upstairs, this basket is just what you need. 

046 CASSEROLE BASKET $32.00~ This basket is woven around a swinging D handle. It will hold a 10" casserole and is perfect for those Sunday get-togethers and pot lucks.

048-GRANDPA'S GARDEN BASKET $45.00- This is a large basket with two swinging round handles. It is accented with star curls in a color of your choice. It is great for magazines or gathering vegetables.

049-MAGAZINE BASKET $48.00- A great basket to hold your favorite country magazines or craft projects. It sits on four legs and can be woven with a swing handle or two side bushel basket handles.

050-COUNTRY HAMPER $75.00~A large basket with rounded sides that is great to use for your dirty


051-MOM'S DOOR BASKET $23.00~This little basket is accented with flower curls and it will hang on a wall or sit on a table. You can use it to store mail, coupons or dry flowers.

052-ARROW WEAVE MARKET BASKET $32.00~This is a great size market basket- not too big or too small. It is simple in design and is accented with an arrow weave woven in color of your choice.

053-STAR WALL BASKET $20.00~This is a great wall basket accented with star curls. Hang it by your back door for the extra keys or use it for mail and coupons.

054-TERESA'S CARRY-ALL $65.00~A very pretty market basket accented with a unique design woven on the sides that resemble an embroidery stitch. It has its own decorative wrapped handle that is woven into the basket for strength. A great accent for your home by itself or with silk greenery.

055-THE LITTLE BOX BASKET $25.00~A cute little basket accented with a "box" swing handle. The color design is very subtle with just a hint of color woven along each spoke. This is a great basket to store your placemats and napkins in or use it for mail.

056-THIS OLD HOUSE BASKET $25.00~A basket woven in the shape of a house! It even has a double window! This basket is accented with a box wire handle. It is woven with one color for accent or choice two colors, one for the base and one for the roof.

057-AMERICANA PICNIC BASKET $45.00~A sturdy basket accented with triple star curls in the color of your choice. It is great for your magazines or small logs by the fireplace.

058-SOUTHERN TEA CAKES BASKET $30.00~A unique shaped basket with a combination braided and Gretchen border and accented with a pretty triple braided   handle. It will make a great country accent for any room in your home.

059-MOTHERS DAY BASKET $48.00~This is a large basket accented with unique flower curls. This is beautiful when filled with silk ivy.

060-WILLIAMSBURG MARKET BASKET $65.00~This basket has two designs to choose from: one has "Cherokee wheels" woven on the sides for a dramatic effect, and the other is accented with a unique braided border. Both baskets are woven with a large sturdy handle.    


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