Old man winter is alive and well in Arkansas! In the last ten days we have been able to get out twice. We aren't complaining though. Now, we get nothing like the northern or eastern states and in a few days it should be gone. But when old man winter hits-it pretty much paralyzes us. Take 1/2" of ice + 2" of snow + Quachita Mountains = You don't go anywhere!  As a fellow weaver said (also retired)  "Just put another pot of coffee on (or pour a glass of wine) and weave".

So I have been busy with weaving and working on the web site. You will want to go to the site map and see the changes. First, all the baskets are listed in alphabetical order. (Laura you would be proud of me!) Next there are several new patterns listed. If you missed out on the "Brown Bags" or weaving retreats you can now buy the patterns! Look for the * next to the patterns on the site map for the new ones. Be sure to check out the new pattern "Dueling Arrows". We have a special on this pattern if you combine it with the hand carved handle. You can get the handle with the pattern for $12.95 plus shipping. (As always You pay what I pay for shipping.) Order with your friends and save on the shipping! 

One more change you will see to the web site. I have started adding the finished size to the basket descriptions. Now not all of the baskets have the size listed yet but I made some progress. Doing this is not much fun so it will be a gradual process to get all the sizes listed.

Finally I had a chance to weave with those wonderful fall colors! Pumpkin orange, mustard and black combined to create "Illusions". Gotta love this winter! 

Happy Weaving 


© Monica Impellizzeri 2014